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Elixir is a combination of innovation, science and technology, and aesthetic feeling makes you enjoy the pleasure much when sitting on them in accordance with the modern office design concept, an office chair is not only designed for sitting, but also for enhancing the office image and bringing office staff the comfortable and harmonious feelings so that the working efficiency can be improved, the design concept and its properties of this series of office chairs meet all the above requirements, which offer the complete and optimal choice for senior administrative personnel.


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Best for ergonomic home office chair, office conference chair, director chair, manager chair, office swivel chair, study chair. Wholesale Malaysia & Quality Guaranteed.


CL 661 (A)
CL 662 (A)
CL 663 (A)
CL 664 (A)
CL 665
CL 292 (B)
CL 282 (B)
CL 272 (B)
CL 262 (B)
CL 252