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Office Chair
Chrome Series


Unique Chrome Chair for Prominent Image | Chair Seating Supplier Malaysia 


Osmo reflects a prominent image in the modern offices environment. The unique chrome trimming forms the core design concepts to deliver a sleek,stylish and high tech look .

CL 1000 (B)
CL 1000 (C)
CL 1001 (B)
CL 1001 (C)
CL 1002 (B)
CL 1002 (C)
CL 1003 (B)
CL 1003 (B)
CL 1004 (B)
CL 1004 (B)

Armrest B - 3D (Height, Pad Depth & Swivel) adjustable armrest with PU armpad.

Armrest C - Height adjustable armest with upholstery armpad.

5 position locking synchronized mechanism to achieve perfect balance in every seated position. 

Stylish back design with chrome trimming line to form the OSMO concepts.

High density moulded injected foam.

Chrome metal base with heavy duty castor

Chrome cantilever base for visitor chair.